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Murders, Debauchery, Science, Ghosts and Excitement!
Hosted by Dr. John Stamey in Lakemont, GA, Robin McCray in Columbia, SC, Tony Felosi in Harlan, KY, and Devin Tait in Hollywood.

Dr. John Stamey

Robin McCray

Tony Felosi

Devin Tait


10:00PM Eastern March 30, 2020.

Murder123: 10PM Eastern tonight (Tuesday) March 30! It's Dr. John Stamey, Papa Stro Maestro (new host adding to the show), Devin Tait and Tony Felosi tonight with Murder123 and the story of Ed Gein. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

Ed Gein

10:00PM Eastern March 16, 2020.

Murder 123 - The stories of Sharon Tate! Our guest is Eli Watson of podcast Cryptid Campfire. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

Sharon Tate

Eli Watson

10:30PM Eastern March 9, 2020.

Murder 123 - Not the smartest killers with your hosts Dr. John Stamey and Tony Felosi. Robin McCray and Devin Tait are on special assignment. Join the crew tonight! CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

10PM Eastern March 2, 2020.

H.H. Holmes - a ghastly murderer. Join the crew tonight! CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

10PM Eastern February 24, 2020.

It's a Murder123 Big double-header tonight! Our resident medical expert, Dr. Tray Dunaway, examines information about potential problems Pee Wee Gaskins faced as a child and young man. Next, we award the "Imfamous Person(!)" of the week. Join Dr. John Stamey, Robin McCray, Tony Felosi, and Devin Tait for all the fun on Murder123. Don't miss it! CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

Dr. Tray Dunaway

Infamous POTY

February 10, 10:00PM Eastern
Who's Number 1?
10PM Eastern tonight February 10, 2020! Who is the most prolific serial killer of the previous and this century? The answer of "Who's Number 1" might surprise you. Hosts Dr. John, Robin McCray, Tony Felosi and Devin Tait might surprise you! CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

January 27, 10:00PM Eastern
Death on Interstate 20.
It's 2012. Interstate 20 just off of mile-marker 96 near Camden, SC; two young men are found dead in a car turned upside down in Buck Creek. What happened? Was the Lizardman a little too close for comfort? Check out this wild but potentially crazy story on Murder1231 tonight. Dr. John Stamey, Robin McCray and Tony Felosi shed some potential light on this very dark episode. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

January 20, 10:00PM Eastern
The Story of Lizzie Borden
Dr. John Stamey, Tony Felosi and Robin McCray duscuss the fascinating story of the murder associated with infamous Lizzie Borden. Tony also discusses a murder in the Cell Block. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

January 6, 10:00PM Eastern
Who really shot Lincoln?
Dr. John Stamey, Robin McCray, Devin Tait and Tony Felosi discuss this strange topic. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

At the Ford Theatre?

Murder123 and The Charlotte Line
December 30, 2019, 10:30PM Eastern
Murder on the Track
Dr. John Stamey, Robin McCray, Devin Tait and Tony Felosi discuss, Death on the Track, the deaths of racers Chris Trickle and Kevin Ward, Jr. Our guest is Zach Beachler from www.TheCharlotteLine.com podcast. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

Zach Beachler (Left) and NASCAR champion Michael McDowell

December 26, 2019, 10:30PM Eastern
The curious story of Anna Nicole. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW



December 23, 2019, 10PM Eastern
The curious demise of Anna Nicloe Smith and her family - a real conspiracy (we believe)

Murder123 and The Charlotte Line
December 30, 2019, 10PM Eastern
Tony Stewart: Didn't do it on purpose - we repeat - did NO! with special guest racing guru Zach Beachler; the shooting of Chris Trickle

January 6, 2020, 10PM Eastern
A Kurt Cobain Mystery

December 16, 2019, 10PM Eastern
The Murder of Polie Chief James Pope

We present Unsolved murder of Police Chief James C. Pope, and a total of three prohibition deaths in Kentucky. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

Captain James Pope
  • James Pope Newspaper Article
    From Page 5 of the Houston Post
    Thursday Morning November 30, 1922
    Three Die in Liquir Raid in Kentucky
    United Press Report
    HARLAN, Ky, Nov. 29 - Three men were dead today as a result of an attenpted 
    booze raid on the home of Harlan Ball late yesterday. When James Pope, Chief 
    of police of Harlan, entered the house in search of liquor, Ball opened fire. 
    In a gun battle which followed Pope shot James Ball and his son Sidney Ball 
    and staggered from the house mortally wounded.
    • Note change of date from Coronor's Report
    • Note house of Harlan Ball (who is this?)
    • Note Officer Angel NOT mentioned
  • Coroner's Jury Report
  • Follow up report in February 2020.

December 7, 2019, 1PM Eastern
The First Serial Killer - Lavinia Fisher

A special LIVE Murder123 from the Summerville SC Comicon with Dr. John Stamey, Robin McCray and special guest Papa Stro Maestro! We hope to have Tony Felosi and Devin Tait via Skype. As always you can visit this website and click on the link to hear the action! Lavinia Fisher was the first and most infamous serial killer in the early history of our country. Living just six miles outside of Charleston, SC, she and her husband were convicted of highway robbery (then, a capital offense) and attempted murder in the early 1800s. She is infamously known for saying, just before her hanging, used her last breath to scream, "If any of you have a message for the devil tell me now, for I shall be seeing him shortly".

The Old Charleston Jail
Where Lavinia Fisher was executed

December 2, 2019, 10PM Eastern

HORROR IN KENTUCKY PART II - 10PM December 2. Host Dr. John continues our saga about the most fascinating murder in Harlan County, KY with Tony Felosi. Here are the players!

  • Joe Christian 48 yrs - Possible WW1 Vet , Taxi Driver , Lifelong resident of Harlan County , Lived through the Great Depression , Murdered Last week of April 1942 by Manzo Shepherd , Sherman Clouse and Howard Hensley
  • Manzo Shepherd 24 yrs –Petty Criminal, Pulled 2 years in prison with Sherman Clouse in 1937 for car theft. Small in stature , Very bad disposition that got worse after being in Prison.
  • Sherman Clouse 22 yrs – Longtime friend of Manzo Shepard and partner in crime , Pulled 2 years in Prison with Manzo in 1937 for car theft , Brother in Law for a Short Time
  • Howard Hensley 26 yrs – Family Friend possible relative
  • Mallie Shepherd 48 yrs - Manzo’s Mother, Helped to burn the car stolen from Joe Christian after his murder. The inside of the car was covered in blood.
  • Jack Heaton 26 yrs. - Nephew of Joe Christian – Shot Manzo at his second trial in front of 300 people May 21st 1942. Tried for Manzo Shepherds Murder in February 1943
This Murder and Trial was called the most sensational up to that point in Harlan County’s history. That’s saying a lot for a place that had been ground zero for the mine wars for the past 20 years. Violence was commonplace in Harlan County at the time. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

Harlan County KY Courthouse
Where Manzo Shepard was shot


Murder123: Murder In The Ring
November 25, 2019, Archive

Dr. John Stamey, Robin McCray and Devin Tait host tonight'sepisode: Murder In The Ring with guest Papa Stro Maestro. We start by discussing the Chris Benoit triple murder (or double murder/suicide, whichever you want to believe. 10PM Eastern at Murder123.com podcast! Tony Felosi has commentary at 10:30PM on "The Cell Block" and joins us thereafter. Hosts are Dr. John Stamey, Devin Tait and Robin McCray.

Papa Stro Maestro

November 18, 2019 - Archive

Murder123: The Jeffrey Epstein Case with guest Dr. Tray Dunaway
Join Dr.John Stamey and Robin McCray as we take a look at the highest profile murder case of the century - Jeffrey Epstein. Our guest is Dr. Tray Dunaway, surgeon and pathologist. Tony Felosi joins us for "The Cell Block" with EVPs of the Manso Shepard murder case. Always, we are at Murder123.com! Don't miss it! CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

Dr. Tray Dunaway

November 11, 2019 - Archive

Two couples, two murders - A Little Ditty about Roger and Lisa Jo
A horrifying murder in Kansas. Why? Our co-host Devin Tait was bullied by one of the murderers Roger Gillett and tells all! Roger and his girlfriend Lisa Jo murdered Roger's cousin and his girlfriend. Half-way through (10:30PM) Ghost Hunter Tony Felosi begins his weekly commentary "The Cell Block." Hosts are Dr. John Stamey, Robin McCray and Devin Tait. Don't miss it! CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

Photo by Devin Tait

November 4, 2019 - Archive

We will talk about Al Capone and his hideaway in Johnson City, TN. Our guest will be Janice Carter (author, "50 Years with Bigfoot: The Tennessee Coexistence Chronicles") AND granddaughter of Al Capone's accountant in Chicago. Hosts are Dr. John Stamey and Robin McCray. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

Janice Carter

October 30, 2019, Archive

Paranormal investigator Tony Felosi teaches us how to use EVPs and the Ghost Box to investigate paranormal phenomenon. Hosts are Dr. John Stamey and Robin McCray. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

Spirit Box

October 10, 2019, Archive
Horror in Kentucky: The Manzo Shepherd Story PART I

Paranormal investigator Tony Felosi joins Dr. John Stamey, Devin Tait and guest host Robin McCray as we discuss the story of Manzo Shepherd and the events that spawned one of the most infamous trials in Harlan County, Kentucky history. Taking place on Black Mountain at 4,145 feet (the tallest peak in Kentucky) in late April 1942, cab driver Joe Christian was brutally murdered by Shepherd and his two friends. Within one month of the murder, Shepherd would be shot in a crowded courtroom of 300 people and his accomplices, Sherman Clouse and Howard Hensley, would both eventually get life sentences to avoid the death penalty. Pelosi is also one of the keynote speakers of the Tennessee Bigfoot Conference on October 26, 2019, to be held at Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport, TN. CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW

Tony Felosi

Manzo Shepherd

Black Mountain, KY